Monday, 24 June 2019

Week 39 - June 24 - 27

Hi All,

Here is the run-down to this week:

Monday: Robots! (All Day!)

a) Deep Cleaning. Bring your shopping bag, and your elbow grease.
b) No Strings on Tuesday.
c) Summer Story sharing. Your chance to read your hard work aloud! Please Share with Mr. Pite so he can print your tale.
d) Music (last one!)
e) Grade 5 Recognition Rehearsal (pm)

a) Year-End Reflection
b) The Skeleton Tree finale
c) Grade 5 Recognition ceremony and courtyard party (pm)
d) Grade 5 Beach party (evening, at Gonzales Beach)

a) Rock Walk
b) Doraball Championships
c) Year-End Assembly
d) Final Report Cards and Good-byes

And, as of Tuesday morning, your final, parting words:

Ania: Good day!
Ava: Here's some advice for turtle lovers. Never get bitten by a turtle and drink OJ. Also, pineapple tastes good.
Cailan: Oh come on! Nothing.
Carter: Please read the blog!
Des: Party all night. Sleep all day.
Evie: That's SO satisfying.
Fiona: Can you come back to me?
Harlow: (absent)
Hazel: My hair doesn't smell like a carrot. 
Isla: I like dogs.
Jake: Robots were fun. If you don't have a dog, get one and snuggle it.
Jasper: Meatballs.
Jonah: I love my fridge.
Keira: I love pandas.
Lyric: #dontyouforgetaboutme #vsco
Madoc: I think Robots was fun.
Marcus: So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Parker: I really really really really really love dogs.
Peter: Always dip your biscuits in tea.
Robert D: Art = Yay! Math = Nay!
Robert R: Div Fun for life!
Ryder: #idontknowwhatimsayin
Tia: I had a great year. Good-bye!

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Week 38 - June 17 - 21

This week's blog post is coming to you on Tuesday this week, because Monday was given over to field trips. Camp Thunderbird was a long, fun day - thank-you, grade 5's, for your enthusiasm and spirit. I understand grade 4's had an awesome day of fun in the sun at Gonzales Beach, too!

Here is the plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday is our day to get stuff done. We have no interruptions!
Wednesday is our IMAX/Eagle Program field trip.
Thursday afternoon features the Talent Show (1:00pm). I look forward to seeing performances from all who are involved.
Friday will feature our final regular Walkies excursion in the morning. We'll keep it short, as the GVPL Summer Reading Club presentation is scheduled for 9:55. Also on Friday: the initial desk clean-out. We'll keep back the basics: pencils, scissors, glue sticks and paper. Most of everything else will go home. Be prepared with a big shopping bag!

Next Monday is the day for our Robots! activity. As of Tuesday, 23 items have come in. That's not enough, folks! We'll need to double that number to make our day as successful as possible. Please do your best to contribute at least two things to take apart. If your parent is heading to the Oak Bay waste depot, go along with them! Their free pile can be a goldmine for this sort of thing. And, while you aren't really allowed to reach into the metal recycling bin for stuff, you'll probably be able to anyway. Not that you heard that from me!

For Math this week we will put the finishing touches on our look at patterns and algebra. We'll work toward wrapping things up with a game.

You'll get some time to work on Writing. Your Summer Stories are due on Monday next week. Please do your best to finish your tale, and polish it up in time for sharing next week.

The Skeleton Tree is on pace for completion by the end of next week. I sure hope you've enjoyed this story... it is one of my new favourites. I'll put together a little survey about the book for you to complete.

That's all for this, our second to last, week together. I know you are looking forward to the summer break. For many that these last two weeks will be your last at our school. Make the most of the time we have together, folks! Enjoy it!

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Week 37 - June 10 - 14

Hi All,

On Special this week:

Monday: Buddies at Gonzales Beach 1:30 - 2:30.
Wednesday: Science Ventures 9:00 - 11:30
Thursday: PISE 12:45 - 1:22
Friday: Walkies

With just three weeks remaining in your school year, and with a busy calendar, our opportunities for new learning are beginning to disappear. That said, there are several things left to accomplish before we break for summer.

We'll explore patterns and some basic algebra in Math.

We'll finish up our look at the Digestive System. (And, we'll pause for a little look at the Rock Cycle with Science Ventures this week).

The Skeleton Tree continues this week.

Your Summer Stories should be well underway. At this point, some of you are beginning the editing process. I'll give you some hints on what to look for as you read your own work and the work of a peer.

And in Social Studies, we'll forge ahead with your Fur Trade maps, and the written task that goes along with it. We'll aim to have this done by Friday.

Next Monday is our grade five trip to Camp Thunderbird! Grade 4's, you'll head out to Gonzales Beach for the day. Wooo!

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Monday, 3 June 2019

Week 36 - June 3 - 7

Hi Everyone from Division One! It is June! Here we go:

Please check the Calendar page for upcoming events. There are many things planned for the coming weeks!

In Math this week, we will wrap up our look at Decimals. Tuesday will feature a practice quizzy. Depending on how that goes, we'll do a for-real quiz on Wednesday.

After that, math will focus on geometric shapes, patterns, and pre-algebra concepts.

Social Studies will pick up where we left off with Mrs. Langille. The consequences of the fur trade, and the building of trading networks for First Nations People could be devastating. We'll look at those impacts, and work toward exploring how the arrival and settlement of Europeans affected people locally.

Science will continue its way through the Digestive System. There are many parts to this system. We'll explore ways to help us remember the names and functions of the most important pieces.

Your Summer Story writing will continue this week. You will receive a criteria sheet this week. Be sure to run your ideas by an adult before you get too involved in writing your first draft. And double-check that your ideas can and will meet the criteria. Know the answers to the following questions: Who are your characters? Where and when does the story happen? What problem does your character face? How will the problem be solved?

The Skeleton Tree continues this week.

Nonsense Ninny Contraption presentations go down on Tuesday. Have you prepared a script? Pop!

And, don't forget to keep your eye out for old machines for our Robots! activity. A few things are beginning to trickle in, but for this day (June 24th), to be successful, we'll need many more. Everyone should aim to have two things to disassemble on the day; if you find more than two, someone else may be able to use it.

Walkies will return to its regularly-scheduled Friday morning time-slot on Friday. Woo-hoo!

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Monday, 27 May 2019

Week 35 - May 27 - 31

Hello All! With June just around the corner, it seems as though some of you have the countdown to the end of the year going. Yes, there are just five weeks to go. These will be packed with great stuff!

Later this week I will send home synopsis, a schedule of events, for the month of June. But here are a few hightlights for you to look forward to... three special PE sessions with the folks from PISE, Science Ventures, Camp Thunderbird or Gr. 4 Beach Day,  a special field trip for June 19, a Talent Show on the 20th, the Robots! activity (which has been moved to the 24th), the Gr. 5 Recognition Ceremony, the Rock Walk and the Year End Assembly... it is going to be busy!

Parents, this is an early call-out for driver-volunteers for June 19th. Please consider helping out with this one. You needn't join us for the whole day, but if you can help with transportation, please let me know. Many thanks!

For this week, here is what you need to know:

In Science this week we will begin to explore the Digestive System.

For Writing we will work with character trait words to help us build characters for our upcoming Summer Story. Then, we will begin to build our setting. Details about this task will be published to the blog as we learn about them.

Nonsense Ninny Contraptions will be extended to next week. Tuesday's build session will go ahead despite several students away at the Track meet. You will all get to put finishing touches on your machines on Thursday. Please be ready to present and demonstrate your machine on Tuesday, June 4th.

In Math we will work to complete our unit on decimals by early next week. More practice with subtracting decimal values will come your way, and we'll add in some word problem stuff and a review before we tackle a little quizzy.

The Skeleton Tree continues this week. Have a look on FG for your 'found' poems. These are great! Yes, many of them are pretty creepy, but so is the book. That tells me that you really hit the dark, ominous theme that is present in the early chapters of this novel.

With so much going on, a little hiatus from Social Studies is in order. We'll get back to looking at the consequences of the fur trade next week.

PISE session #1 will happen Thursday afternoon. Wear good shoes!

Our regular Walkies will move to the afternoon because we're going Swimming! (Be prepared! Towel, swimsuit, good walking shoes, etc.) I'm looking for one parent volunteer to help us with walking to and from the Rec Center on Friday afternoon. Please let me know if you can help!

That's it for now, folks! Have a great week!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Week 34 - May 21 - 24

Well here we go, folks! This is the last short week of the year, until our last week. This is also Mrs. Langille's final week with us: let's make it a good one!

Off the top, check out these Calendar dates for the next two weeks:

Wed. May 22: Lockdown Drill
Wed. May 22: Special Guest assembly - Art Starts
Tues. May 28: Track Meet for participating athletes
Wed. May 29: Last chance for Scholastic orders for the year!
Thurs. May 30: PISE session #1
Fri. May 31: Swimming at OBRC

In Math this week we will carry on where we left off last week, when we began adding decimal values. By the end of the week, we will revisit subtraction strategies, and begin applying them to subtracting decimals. Grade 4's, the goal is to have you comfortable working with hundredths; grade 5's should be good to work with thousandths.

Personification Sandwiches will be this week's main Writing activity. Have fun with these, folks. And work hard to get them done by Thursday's deadline.

The Skeleton Tree continues this week. A fun little project based on the text will bridge the gap between the book and the writing you are doing with Mrs. Langille.

We have wound down our look at the circulatory and the respiratory systems. Given time, we'll move into a brief look at the digestive system this week.

The Social Studies skits you have been creating will move into the rehearsal, and then the performance stages this week. Do your best to make positive and constructive contributions to this task, folks.

Walkies will return to us on Friday! Hooray!

Enjoy your week, everyone.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Week 33 - May 13 - 16

Hello again! This is a short week: you get Friday off for the Pro-D day. You'll also get next Monday off for a holiday.

A special event is on the calendar for this week:

On Thursday, grade 5's will get to walk over to Monterey for the district transition day. This is your sneak peek at your future at middle school! We'll depart the school at 12:15, and have you back here for the end of the day.

Grade 4's, you'll have a special job to do for us on that afternoon. You'll get to hang out with the students from Div's 2 and 3, too. Art is sure to happen.

Otherwise, we've got a normal week ahead of us:

For Writing you'll revisit similes and metaphors. And, if time permits, you'll explore personification.

For Science, you'll finish your exploration of the respiratory system and begin a culminating project.

Math we'll carry on looking at parts of wholes, and explore adding decimal values.

The Skeleton Tree continues this week.

As you know, our school no longer has compost bins in our classrooms. We are encouraging you to pack out your leftovers and your lunch trash. When you get home and empty your lunch kit, use your home compost bin, OK?

Lastly, a reminder... June 19th is our day for the Robots! activity. Remember that we're looking for a big pile of old machines - broken or obsolete electric hand tools like jigsaws, hand mixers, drills, blenders, hair dryers, room fans, circular saws, hot air popcorn makers, toasters, etc. The best things for the day are relatively simple, and have moving parts. Mechanical things are best. Please avoid computers and printers. Computers are cool, but don't have many (if any), moving parts, and printers are messy (ink gets all over), and the glass panel is bound to break. Please also avoid items with internal combustion engines - lawn mowers and weed whackers - as these things are also rather messy and oily.

Now that our school storage cage has been cleared out, I've got room to hold onto your stuff. Label the things you are interested in disassembling with your name. You'll get first dibs on the one or two things you bring that most interest you.

No Walkies this week. Boo!

Have a great week, all!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Week 32 - May 6 - 10

Hello, Everyone! Many thanks to you all for popping in last Thursday pm for the Division One Student-Led Conference Cafe. And a special thank-you to those of you who really got into the spirit of things by dressing up as a cafe server.

Here's the plan for your first full week of May...

We begin our week with Music Monday. An assembly in the afternoon features EMJS talent.

Math will pick up where we left off last week, when we were discovering some of the basics around decimals. We'll begin applying what we now know to real life situations, and looking at adding and subtracting numbers that contain decimal values.

For Science, you'll begin something new. You'll wrap up what you know about the circulatory system, and begin looking at the role your lungs have in making your body work.

In Social Studies, you'll begin to dive deeper into Canada's fur trading history.

Those of you working on Nonsense-Ninny Contraptions should begin bringing in your building materials this week. We'll revisit some of the criteria you'll need to hit in order to be successful with this project.

Writing will feature another literary device, and we will revisit inferencing in Reading. Also, have you had a look at your Bookworm contribution? We'll spend a little time checking out the work that your peers have done with these. Perhaps you'll be inspired to pick up a recommended book?

Those of you in Choir get a field trip on Thursday afternoon.

Those of you in Rugby get the day off on Friday for your season-ending jamboree.

Those of you in Track, be sure to check the schedule (posted in the classroom), to see when your practices are.

Enjoy your week!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Week 31 - Apr 29 - May 1

Hi Everyone! Here we go with Week 31.

Your week is fixin' to be a busy one, partner. Here are a few things we're up to:

The Scholastic Book Fair will happen outside of the bells for most of the afternoon, and even on Thursday afternoon during Student-Led conferences.

Tuesday is class photo day.

We begin a new unit in Social Studies this week. Mrs Langille will take you on a fur trading journey. You'll establish trading relationships with indigenous peoples, you'll locate and build a trading post, and you'll put yourself into the shoes of an 18th century fur trader and ask you to make some tough decisions.

Math picks up a new thing this week, too. Decimals are just another way of expressing parts of wholes. They're just a special kind of fraction. We'll look at the parts of a decimal number, how they relate to fractions with denominators of 10, or 100 or even 1000.

Science carries on where we left off last week, when we were looking at the heart, your heart rate, and how the circulatory system works.

For Writing, you'll get a chance to play around with onomatopoeia. Boom!

Your Book Review is due on Wednesday.

The Skeleton Tree will continue in our spare moments.

Thursday is an early dismissal day. You'll return sometime in the afternoon with a parent or parents for the Division One Student-Led Conference Cafe. This will take place between 1:00 and 5:00. Figure on a minimum of 15 minutes to enjoy your stay.

Friday we'll get to enjoy Walkies. And we'll get to enjoy a performance by a school band from Richmond, BC.

See? I told you it'd be busy! Enjoy your week, everyone!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Week 30 - Apr 23 - 26

Hi All,

Here we go with Week 30! Whoa, that's a big number. We're at the 3/4 post for the year. Now is a great time to reflect on your year. What is working? What would you change? What are you looking forward to?

So, iRide features prominently this week. While some of you are feeling nervous about riding your bike, do your best to bring a positive, growth mindset to these sessions. Remember you are far more likely to tumble if you think you are going to tumble. If you tell yourself you can do this, you will more likely find success. And when you do navigate that ramp, that table-top, or that teeter-tooter, I guarantee you'll ride off smiling. The instructors know what they're doing. Listen to their advice, keep focused, keep your eyes up, and be brave. They'll help you out!

In Math this week we will review our unit on fractions. At the same time, we'll work toward introducing decimals as another way to think of "parts of wholes".

For Writing this week, you'll spend some time with Alliteration before zipping into Onomatopoeia.

Science will continue with the Circulatory System. We'll work toward doing a real live Lab! There are many steps involved in labs, so pay close attention to Mrs. Langille's instructions.

Check in with your FG profile sometime this week. Updated stuff has come your way... or will be soon. Are you up to date?

A super-secret art lesson will come your way on Friday. Shhhh!

Walkies on Friday! Hooray!